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Milford, Ma


Artificial Burrow System

In nature gerbils live and nest underground. Without a burrow, or place to hide gerbils can be very nervous leaving their pups out in the open. The best thing to do is to give them an artificial burrow. They are not hard to make but are very beneficial to development of the pups.

For one a burrow simulates their natural homes, reducing stress. Also gerbils that are raised in a burrow usually don’t develop stereotypical digging behaviors. Which means that as adults they will not dig relentlessly into the corners of their tanks.

Artificial burrows are easy to make. This is how I make them. Total project cost is about $10 for materials.


This finch (small) nesting box is cheap and come with a small hole already in it. However, we will need to enlarge this hole to a 2 1/2”

Drill w/ 2.5” hole saw


Using a drill and a 2 1/2” hole saw enlarge the hole.

This is just a picture of the finch box after the hole was re-cut.


This hole will be large enough to accommodate a 2 1/2 inch PVC Pipe.  Use black you can find it.

Slide the male end of the PVC pipe through the box and out the hole. 90º elbow’s work the best. Attach extra pieces to make tunnels.