Moonstone Gerbils

We are not breeding currently.


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This is where you can see what gerbils I have available. 


Teeth Clipping

What do gerbils need? 

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Pet Sitting

How to show and breed gerbils for show. 

Love My Gerbils

What Pet Owners Say

Curious and Friendly

We adopted our first gerbil pups in April 2017 & we just love them! They were a pair of male pups and have grown to be active and happy adults now. They are curious and friendly and will crawl up into our hands to explore. We would definitely adopt gerbils from Moonstone again.

Happy and Healthy

We adopted 2 male gerbil pups in August of 2015 for my son's 8th birthday. They are funny, they look identical and are named Jimmy and Jimmy Jr (yup) lol. I am so glad we bought from Moonstone. They are happy and healthy and maybe a little to fat ;-)- all the recommendations and tips that we got have helped when buying food, bedding and toys. I would recommend Moonstone again and again. Enjoy your new pets. They are funny little ones!


Purchased two females, beautiful lil ladies! Knowledgeable and offers sitting! Would recommend to others. Thanks from snow and Bandit