Hi, I'm Katie!

Over 10 Years of Experience

Many, many years ago... I had two gerbils. Conny, the black gerbil was a renown escape artist... or I was a careless teen who couldn't close the cage properly. I suppose that might be why her cage mate was named Scrat. I tried my hand at breeding gerbils. There were two litters, and then I gave it up. Took a deeper interest in Salt Water Reef Tanks and kept a Chinese Water Dragon for some time. 
Then a few years later around Thanksgiving in 2008, I found myself at the pet store looking at a very pretty Pied Color Point Slate Male. Stood in the store debating what I was about to do, I was going to breed and show gerbils Join the AGS, build a website. I decided that if i was going to do this and bring that gorgeous gerbil home with me I was going to do it right. Fully committed I took him home, named him Lasso. I think the name was fitting. 

There's No Place like Home

Moonstone Gerbils is run out of our home, we have two kids, two cats, a dog, some guinea pigs, a fish tank, and some other little critters. 




I do not check email. Please use the contact form. Its faster. I promise.

Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 6pm - 7pm

​​Weekend: 9am - 6pm

Area of Service

Milford MA 
Hampstead NH

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