Bin Cages

Bin cages can be easy light weight alternatives for gerbil to live in. 

When choosing a bin or tote to use as a cage the interior of the bin should be smooth. Any bumps, ridges or grooves are easy targets for chewing. 

Currently I recommend Centrex Rugged ( 50 or 66-Quart) Clear Tote with Latching Lid, I get them from Lowes. They aren't the largest bin, but the interior walls are very smooth and relatively chew proof. Next time I build one, I'll take more pictures. Hefty brands are good too. 


Keep in mind, when building a bin cage that gerbils can easily chew through the cage in about 20 minutes, whenever they decide to do it. 

I do not recommend putting holes in the side of the bin cage, as these can quickly be chewed much larger.,