A History

I started breeding gerbils in 2008. I was fascinated by Dark Pied Patch, or DPP as it was called at the time. I was eager to find a Dark Pied Patch gerbil and make more of them. That took longer than I hoped. A lot longer. At the time, not much was known about them. The only thing that was known is that it runs in families, tends to skip generations, and was rare.

The Foundation

In 2011 ABC Gerbils bred a Dark Pied Patch gerbil. I snatched her up as an adult sometime in December of 2011. I promptly named her Inertia and began my quest to breed for patch. In February of 2012 I got super lucky and MS Bumble was born, her mother was a spotted nutmeg named Luma that I found at a pet store.

Initially I bred ABC Inertia to MS Kreg the Peg Leg, who had a leg amputated as a pup due to an injury. One of their pups was MS Long John Silver and he was bred the MS Bumble. The pair had several litters, but only two patched pup were born. I placed MS Jumble with a Canadian breeder. His patch wasn't very obvious and I was never really able to confirm it. The pup is did keep was MS Momentum. He was a male Dark Pied Patch Sapphire.

At this point I had a male and a female who were both patched and they were related to each other. I wanted to get more patched gerbils, and quite frankly the fastest way to do that would be to breed two of them together. In all honesty, they were the only two patched gerbils I knew about (other than Inertia). I let Momentum grow up a bit, and then eventually reintroduced him back to his mother. They only had two litters but the did reward me with MS Focus, a Dark Pied Patch Lilac.


ABC Inertia

DOB: 5/11/2011


MS Bumble

DOB: 2/15/2012


MS Momentum and MS Bumble

DOB: 7/7/12


In early 2014 I rescued a very cool looking patch gerbil from a guy in Maine who bred animals for pet stores. This changed everything I ever thought about patch and what patch could be. I didn't want a gerbil with a interesting mark, I wanted gerbils that were almost as much patch as anything else. Wildcard immediately got infused into my patch line. He was bred to MS Focus. Two of their pups were MS Fusion and MS Fission both were Patched and to be honest I couldn't tell you which girl was which at this point. I don't name gerbils with nearly identical names anymore. Both patched daughters were bred back to their father.

MS Fission and MS Wild Card had a patched pup named Wild Visions she was also patched. MS Fusion and Ms Wildcard also had a patched male pup named MS Wonder, it should also be noted that particular pairing also had MS Cheeky who placed with another breeder.


I eventually bred Wild Vision to Wonder. Its hard to say what exactly their relationship to each other was... something like half-sibling double first cousins? However, things really started to turn at this point. Most all the pups from the pairing had at least one patch. Two of the pups MS Double Mint and MS Dos-i-dos had two patched. Double Mint was never bred.

MS Dos-i-dos was placed on the back burner. I thought I had time. Plenty of time. At this point I got pregnant and had a daughter and things get really fuzzy. At some point I found myself with a 2 year old gerbil who desperately needed to make me some babies if I wanted to keep patch going. I was pretty sure I had lost my line and all the success I had.








Dos-i-dos and his brother Mance Rayder were the only two gerbils left from the patch line when i refounded the line in 2017. Previusly I lent MS Wildcard out to ABC Gerbils. MS Poker, a grandson of MS Wildcard and son of ABC Joker was bred to MS Knoxie, their daughter MS Pox was bred to Dos-i-dos.