MS Nymeria is expecting!

MS Nymeria is my warrior princess She-wolf. I debated naming her Xena. Nymeria is one of three rex gerbils that I imported back in December. She arrived as a single gerbil, and I fear that she grew up alone. She was super aggressive during introductions with her first two suitors. Almost immediatly picking fights with them.

I decided to find the most submissive male in my kennel. I had a big tank of Dark Tail Whites With 6 boys. They are always wrestling nowadays, and its time to start breaking up the group. There is one male that was always getting humped. He was really tolerant of all their nonsense and would sit there indifferently eating his food.

This boy is who I chose to try and pair with my high strung girl. His name is Cheerio. Nymeria did not pick a fight with him. She did however aggressivly groom him, scent mark him, and she even tried to himp him. His response still cracks me up, as in all my years I have never seen a gerbil buck another gerbil off soo efficiently.